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August 28, 2017 by rachelcmann

I’ve been burning my way through a few mysteries and novels lately but none has stood out like All Our Wrongs Today by Elan Mastai. The premise, the prose, the first person story telling – it all comes together in a novel that is hard to put down.

Our narrator is Tom, a young man in an alternate present who is utterly without ambition or purpose. His father is the genius and Tom ends up as the accidental understudy to the world’s first time-traveler. No one wants him there and he doesn’t particularly want to be there, and then things change. He ends up in our present world, one without time travel (obviously) and without many other things he took for granted in his ‘better’ future. How Tom sorts through this morass and finds himself is brilliantly told.

Tom acknowledges that he is an unreliable narrator, and as such the book feels more like a story someone is telling you. Like an old high school friend catching you up on their life at your ten-year reunion. And you friend is the most imaginative and earnest person you’ve ever known. While parts of the book are a little heavy handed and self-referential, it’ll be on my mind for weeks to come. The book is way less sci-fi and more contemporary fiction so don’t be turned off by the time-travel part. Just pick it up and thank me later!


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