Bookworm – The Laundry Files – Charles Stross

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August 3, 2017 by rachelcmann

I was recently asked whether or not I like sci-fi or fantasy more, and while the answer is easily ‘fantasy,’ I’m hard-pressed to put this series into one of those two categories. The basic assumption of this series is that magic is generated by high mathematics. That super number crunching and graphing can open portals between our Earth and parallel worlds. And that pre-Jobs/Gates this was a minor issue. But computers are constantly doing high math and now, humanity is screwed.

Who’s going to rescue us? A reluctant British civil servant who has little skill but a lot of heart. Enter, The Laundry Files, a hidden but not defunct branch of MI6 that protects us from the dangerous things on the other side of the veil that want to eat us. Bob Howard, is all of us who are slightly too dedicated to our jobs. He fends off threats great and small with a smattering of smarts, a heaping helping of luck and a lot of sticktoitiveness.

What I like I about the series is hard for me to pin down. On the one hand, it’s obvious! It’s spy novel about supernatural creepy-crawlies – duh! But on the other, there’s more than its fair share of gibberish sci-fi science stuff I just plain don’t care about. In other books, I often find the “The ships whosit, attached on both sides by the widget, and powered by nuclonium nanites…etc” to be distracting, but for some reason, in this series, the math and jargon is easily skimmed past and adds to the depth of the story.

I’m currently on book 5 of the series and each one builds on the last. I recommend this series for fans of sci-fi or fantasy. All thumbs up!


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