TV Fan – Pilot Season 2016 Part 2

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November 7, 2016 by rachelcmann


Timeless cast

Timeless – For a high concept show this is pretty relatable and enjoyable. With a basic concept of a terrorist stealing a time machine and a handful of misfit experts being sent to chase him through time, the show does a good job of balancing exposition and action. I doubt it has a long future but it’s a fun show!

Westworld – HBO – I’ve been excited about this show without even really knowing anything about it. It just looked/sounded so cool! Now that I’ve seen the first episode, it’s a doozy. A ‘theme park’ with life-like robot people (it’s a little unclear how they function) set in a wild west world. Visitors to the park can do whatever the **** they want to the robots, which of course brings out the very best of humanity! <end sarcasm> The visuals are beautiful and I can imagine it has a lot more story to tell.

Notorious – I’ve watched a few episodes now and it’s just not doing it for me. I like the cast, but everyone is so intense all the time! and it’s just too overly dramatic for me. The premise of a high-powered lawyer and a top news producer being BFFs and therefore (apparently) having all the time in the world to intertwine their worlds and try not to screw each other over is intriguing, the show is just trying too hard to be intense.

Conviction – I was not impressed with this based on the previews but now that I’ve seen a few episodes I’m into it! The former first daughter is a prominent and successful lawyer who has a rebellious streak a mile wide. So when she gets in trouble, her bailout is to be in charge of a high-profile criminal conviction review team. They aren’t necessarily out to prove innocence but to prove that the city is doing its job and the right people are in jail. It’s heavy-handed sometimes and the lead character is kind of obnoxious, but I’m into it.

Pure Genius – Well, tech bro aside, this show has some promise. There are some serious problems with it – too many characters to track being one big one. The other being the believability factor. I can get on board with the medical advances, but I don’t understand why they have fancy clear phones and tablets. (They look cool but don’t work very well) I’ll keep watching but they need to get grounded quickly.


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