Bookworm – October Reading List


November 7, 2016 by rachelcmann

WordPress deleted my completed post so these might be shorter than usual because grrr!

Read and Recommend

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet – Becky Chambers – I really loved this. It centers 61cpy0slocl-_sl300_around a young woman escaping infamy on her home planet by joining a crew (think Firefly with more aliens and less crime). On their journey she encounters a lot of new things and learns a lot about herself. The world is totally unique and cool, the action is great and I really love the story telling. Definitely read!

Every Heart a Doorway – Seanan McGuire – I’ll basically read a phone book if McGuire writes it so I was delighted to see this new short story. Children who have visited other realms (think Wonderland and Neverland type places) and are having a tough time rejoining reality end up in this orphanage. Our main character is recently returned from the underworld (Persephone’s version) and only wants to go back. The story is rich with combined mythologies and has some really crazy twists and turns.

Gameboard of the Gods: Age of X – Richelle Mead – I love the world building of this series. A apocalyptic world where the map has been redrawn. Now the most civilized nation take up most of the Western United States and Canada, gods are meddling in every day affairs and there are super soldiers. It sounds like a crazy combination but it totally works.


Cursed – SJ Harper – What a fun romantic fantasy novel. Based on a Siren who is paying her penance to Demeter and can’t fall in love, she works for the FBI saving people to help pay down her debt. (Demeter needs to get over it but whatever). A handsome werewolf comes into her life and throws all those promises out the window. The story is oddly sweet and enjoyable.

Boar Island – Nevada Barr – I do love myself some Anna Pigeon, the forest ranger who just won’t die. I’ve read a bunch of this series but saw this on the new book shelf and had to pick it up. I’ve clearly missed/forgotten some things but Barr does a great job letting newbies fall into the plot.

The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss – Max Wirestone – This was a nice break from the usual dystopia fare that fills my to-be-read list. This funny irreverent novel about a young broke woman who gets hired as a private investigator is a perfect palette cleanser.

The Necromancer – Jonathan L Howard – This is not what I expected. First off it is dark. A man who makes a deal with the devil to have the secret to necromancy, makes a second deal to get his soul back. That deal includes running a macabre carnival and gathering more souls for the devil. I was tempted to put it down on multiple occasions but I wanted to see how it ends.

A Promise of Fire – Amanda Bouchet – I don’t know how I stumbled on this ebook but I’m so glad I did! A young royal runaway is hiding in a carnival and gets kidnapped. The journey back to a newly captured kingdom offers a lot of adventure and magic. Oh and romance! Oh and gods and goddesses and royal contests! I’m looking forward to book 2!

Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men – Molly Harper – After last month’s mixup where I read book 2 of a complimentary series, I finally got back on track! These books are so much fun. They are fluffy but I like fluff! Our reluctant vampire heroine continues to grow her supernatural family and deal with her mundane one with wonderfully hilarious awkwardness. A must read series for people who like funny modern fantasy books.

Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever – Molly Harper – I always have a hard time writing back to back reviews of books in a series, and this is no exception. I will say that this installment brought some new unexpected enemies for our favorites to battle. I was pleasantly surprised by the twist! Can’t wait for book 4!


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