Bookworm – Reading List – September


October 6, 2016 by rachelcmann


The Sudden Appearance of Hope – Claire North Holy crap. I couldn’t put this down. At it’s core it’s about a woman who has a unique characteristic, the moment she leaves your sight you forget all about her and your encounter. How does someone survive in a world where no one remembers you long enough to leave the room? The book is fast paced, amazingly thoughtful and just great. So, so great!

Way Station – Clifford Simak – This is one of those quiet books that sneaks up on you. Essentially about a man manning a station for alien life forms to pass through, his quiet life and consideration of humanity gets into your brain like an earworm. It’s worth a read.


Dirty Magic – Jaye Wells – This was not my favorite, but I was desperately seeking a good urban fantasy that I kept going. It has some great moments and good characters but it dragged on for me and was pretty predictable. So not something I’d go back to but not terrible either.

A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses – Molly Harper – I read the first one of these last month and enjoyed so I picked up the second…except that either my intel is bad and this is not the second book or the author skipped a whole bunch of stuff!! Major plot points that could have been books of their own! So I have to do some more research but these are still a lot of fun.

Knit Your Own Murder – Monica Ferris – A mystery novel with knitters? Sure! As per usual with this thing, a small town has more than it’s fair sure of mystery and murder and there’s a clever citizen who can always figure it out faster than the police. This was fun, probably more fun if you knit.

Runaway Vampire – Lynsay Sands – I mean, what is there to say about vampire romances? This particular book (which I believe belongs to a bigger series) has two major twists. One, the vamps aren’t exactly vamps (but I won’t spoil it) and the romantic leading lady is not at all who you’d suspect. It’s a fun take on an old genre.

Bryant and May on the Loose – Christopher Fowler – Sometimes I like a random British mystery. I believe this is a series and I just picked one out of the middle which may be why it lacked some development for the characters. That said it was a fun mystery with lots of twists and turns.


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