Bookworm – February Reading List


March 7, 2016 by rachelcmann

Read and Recommend

Archangel Jovah’s Angel – Sharon Shinn – This is my second or third time through reading the the Sharon Shinn Samaria series and I can’t recommend them enough. They are just so darn interesting! I devoured the first one and sighed. And dove into the second one. They are quasi-religious but don’t let that turn you off. They are more akin to Battlestar Galactica than anything else and each book stands alone as awesome.

The Fold – Peter Clines – Holy crap. I’m really glad I started this on a weekend when I didn’t 51qkiVzei6L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_have anywhere to be because I just sat and read the whole thing without stopping. It’s that gripping! I guess I’m really into these physics-based sci-fi thriller stories right now because I keep finding them and devouring them. This one is about a guy with condition that doesn’t allow him to forget anything (ala the terrible show Unforgettable). That ability makes him super smart and super useful to his buddy in the CIA (NSA? DARPA? one of those) who needs him to review the top secret project that appears to be teleporting people. So guy goes to the facility and pretty soon all hell breaks loose. The story stays on the fringe of science and keeps it relatable and readable, not too dense. And so so good.

Friday Night Bites – Chloe Neill – I read the first book last month and didn’t waste any time getting to the second book. These are just a lot of fun, and I needed a new light hearted sci-fi series to sink my teeth into (pun intended). This book continues the saga of our new vampire and her magical friends and enemies. The danger is only growing in Chicago and our heroine is right smack dab in the middle!


Way of the Peaceful Warrior – Dan Millman – This book has been on my list for awhile and now I can’t figure out why. In a lot of ways, it’s just a story about self discovery. Through a potentially non-fictional parable about an old man teacher and a young man student. But there a couple of places where this kid is off his rocker, and I think I was expecting to gain some great wisdom from this tale which I didn’t. Sure, there are nuggets in there (ala Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance) but mostly it feels…false.

The Ghost and the Graveyard – Genevieve Jack – One of those ‘sure why not’ free Kindle books, this one was a little weird. Essentially about a reincarnated witch, it was ultimately un-filling.

Shadowborn – Moira Katson – This one actually surprised me. A young orphan woman is suddenly called into service to train as a ‘shadow’ for a young noble woman. They each have roles to play, and no one to trust. Can they trust each other enough to survive? I was hanging on til the end and will probably track down the second book.

Acne, Asthma and Other Signs You Might Be Half Dragon – Rena Rocford – Well, as far as teen “Look I’m special after all!” stories go this one at least had some humor going for it. When a young girl discovers her heritage she discovers that basically everyone knows more than they’re saying.

A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent – Marie Brennan – I kind of love faux-memoirs and this is no exception. Told as if it were a true memoir by a Lady in a land not all that dissimilar from our own, this book tells the tale of a young woman and her journey to become the foremost authority on dragons. It’s got adventure and love and bad guys and jokes. All the things one wishes were in regular memoirs too.

Midnight Riot – Ben Aaronovitch – This one was a bit puzzling. It’s about a policeman in London who gets sucked into the paranormal underground following a strange murder. The story is all right and the characters are fun, but I considered putting it down more than once. By the end I was thoroughly engaged and enjoying the magical mystery, so much so that the second book is now on my to-be-read list!

Black Forest – Claudia Hall Christian – I’ve talked before about this author and how much I love the Alex the Fey series. The Denver Cereal series isn’t quite as gripping in my opinion but still very…dramatic. There are a TON of people in them now and the characters get kind of hard to keep track of. And the drama! Oh my god! The DRAMA. These people just cannot catch a break! They are constantly getting attacked and sued and kidnapped and beat up on. Just all of the time!! I end up spreading these books out because my poor heart just can’t take it!


Alex’s Adventures in Numberland – I like stretching my brain and I appreciate it when folks take complicated concepts and break them down. But even through the introduction I was thinking “Hmmm, this might be too much.” And it was. But if math intrigues you, definitely check this out.


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