Everything Else – A Few of My Favorite Things Right Now

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February 8, 2016 by rachelcmann

Thought it was time for another edition of my favorite things of the moment!

Podcast: Happier with Gretchen Rubin – There aren’t that many self-help podcasts that aren’t awful. This one is great! They’re short, structured and actually helpful.

Podcast: Mortified – A stage show that has people read from their childhood diaries and writings. They are hilariously awful and embarrassing. I laugh out loud every single time I listen to one and it definitely makes you appreciate not being 15 anymore.

App: Sunshine – It’s a beautiful weather app. It sends me a little note about my day in the morning and I can swipe through the day to see what’s coming. Plus people report in real time what’s going on around you!

Life Pro Tip: Listening to Podcasts at 1.5x speed – I like podcasts but I don’t have a lot of time to listen because I can’t do anything else while I’m listening. So I discovered this little button that speeds them up! I know it’s only half again as much but I’m now blazing through podcasts!

Spotify: Decompression Playlist – Spotify is a bit hit or miss for me but I’ve been enjoying this playlist a lot lately. It’s a mix of instrumental and regular songs but they’re very chill but not sleep inducing.

Other Stuff: Magnetic Clip Bookmarks – These are great. They’re cheap so I don’t care if I lose them and they stick to my books even when I drop them!

Other Stuff: Lookhuman.com Woman’s Pullover – I have two of these (one of them is this one) and I wear them way too often. They’re cozy and nerdy and soft and wonderful. There’s something for almost every fandom and this tote made me laugh just now so I’ll recommend that too!

What are some of your new favorite things to recommend??

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