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October 26, 2015 by rachelcmann

Heroes Reborn – To be totally fair, I was baking cookies while watching this so it didn’t have my full attention. I also have only a dim memory of the original Heroes series so I wasn’t expecting anything specific. From what I can gather, this show is set several years after the original series and “Evos” (aka the Heroes) are striving for integration into society (sound familiar ::cough:: X-men ::cough) but there’s a bombing and it destroys any chance for peace. There are some new Heroes for us to get to know, some familiar faces and some vigilantes who are pretty awful. I didn’t dislike it, but there’s so much other good stuff this season that I can’t commit to this. Skip.

Quantico – From the upfronts I really liked this and had high expectations, I was really 150512-news-quanticolooking forward to it! And for the most part it delivered. An untraditional female who is unwilling to play into stereotypes, a strong female cast in general and lots of intrigue! The pilot had a lot of work to do to introduce all the players, set up their back story and get the audience hooked on the larger mystery. But the show has a “How I Met Your Mother” problem in that they’re trying to tell it backwards. The show is split between ‘now’ in the immediate aftermath of a 9/11 type of attack where our main character (Alex) is the main suspect vs. the past six months or so when Alex started at Quantico. Since she (and her fellow recruits) are suspects, she has to dig through her knowledge of them to find the true terrorist. The problem I foresee is that when they find the person the show is over, and that arc should wrap up in a short season. I truly think the past stories are compelling enough to be their own show without the ending already shown to us so I don’t know if I think the show will last or if it’s another complicated show in a cluttered landscape of high tension dramas. Watch for now.

Code Black – Another medical drama! This one seems like a reboot of ER with a slightly smaller ensemble cast. Set in Angels Memorial in LA (the origin of emergency medicine and a hospital in desperate need of refitting) the head of residency is a ‘cowboy’ doctor with a giant chip on her shoulder. Marcia Gay Harden can basically do no wrong even though I can see her story line coming from a mile away. The four residents are pretty boring so far, though there is one thing that really bothered. There is an ‘older’ woman and a young man and he is an ASSHOLE to her for literally no reason. Since she’s not a twenty something he treats her like she’s a privileged housewife who has no business being there. I don’t know what crawled up his ass or if they cut a scene that explained why he is such a massive jerk. I get that setting him up to fail based on his expectations of her is a pretty well worn trope but sheesh! The show is fast paces, heart warming and rooted more in the medicine than the drama, so far at least. That said, there was at least one medical thing that I thought “You can’t do that! There’s no way they’d let you do that!” – because I’m a doctor and I know these things 😉 Watch for now.

Truth Be Told – Man the sitcom landscape is bleak. I don’t know if I have overly high standards but blech. Thing is I think this show could have legs, but I couldn’t get past the sappiness and I gave it up. Pass.

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