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September 28, 2015 by rachelcmann

It’s Fall Pilot season!! Yay!!!

So far, my favorite new show is Rosewood, but actually everything I watched so far has captured my interest, that’s probably a new record!

Rosewood – Honestly, this shows is a copycat of shows like Bones and Castle where a



citizen genius (for whom the show is named) becomes a consultant to a skeptical law enforcement officer and they make a great Odd Couple team to solve crimes. That said, there’s a reason those shows have 9 seasons. Rosewood is about a private pathologist (is that a thing?) who is charming as hell. He should be irritating but somehow he’s not. I love the supporting cast, I love the swagger and I love the fact that there’s no romance between the male and female lead. Definitely watch.

Limitless – Based on the movie of the same name, the show picks up in real time from whenever the movie came out. The miracle drug is still very much under the radar and a ‘failure to launch’ kid gets his hands on some. And then gets pulled into a crazy web of murder and crime and corruption. I don’t really think the show is going to last and I really dislike the actress playing the CIA lead, but I’m enjoying it for now. Watch with reservations.

Minority Report – Based on the movie of the same name (apparently that was a theme this year), this one picks up maybe 10 years after the movie ended? The Precog’s are free and detectives have to solve crimes after they’ve been committed. The tech and visual effects in this show are pretty cool, and I enjoyed the pop culture references. I even like the dynamic between the leads, but I think this show is all flash and no substance. Watch one or two more episodes.

Blindspot – The premise is this: A woman turns up with no memory covered in tattoos. One of those tattoos allows the FBI to prevent a terrorist attack. Plus she’s a secret ninja. Yeah. I was actually kind of surprised at how much I enjoyed this show, it seems like a one trick pony (or a one season pony where the arc they build is resolved and then they have no where to go) but the characters are pretty solid and there’s a great mystery that’s keeping me intrigued. What I didn’t love is the subtle and not-so-subtle misogyny. First off, there is 1 woman in the field (all the other women in the show stay in the lab/base of operations) and she is the tech geek, so not exactly an ass-kicking role. Two, the mystery girl with the tattoos is repeatedly told to stay in the car/stay behind even after she proves her ability to be useful in a fight. Furthermore, I get that her body is covered in tattoos but the percentage of screen time spent scanning her skin and pointing out her nakedness was alarming. Watch with reservations. 

Scream Queens – This show has camp written all over it. It’s not for the faint of heart or the politically correct. In spots it is just plain awful. But it’s also hilarious and there are some pop culture jokes that had me in stitches for days. Essentially it’s about some truly awful sorority girls who get their comeuppance when a) the dean declares they have to take all pledges, especially those that don’t meet their Aryan standards and b) a serial killer starts picking them off. I don’t know how many more I’ll watch but I enjoyed the first two. Watch one or two more episodes.

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