Movie Lover – Things I Didn’t Finish

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July 27, 2015 by rachelcmann

Sometimes you start things with good intentions, high expectations. Sometimes it’s okay to stop those things. So these are some of the ones I started and didn’t finish.

Bitch Slap – I can’t even remember how this got on my radar but bada** bitches taking over the world sounds awesome! Except that it’s awful. Just awful.

Obvious Child – I’ll probably come back to this at some point but like most indie films, it’s just too quiet for me.

A Most Wanted Man – Sometimes I wish I was more into the highbrow art films. They can be so interesting. But most are so dark and this one was so darn slow that I just couldn’t keep up.

Top Five – I’m honestly pretty neutral about Chris Rock and I’d heard decent things about this movie but I started it and was just meh.

Ex Machina – I got pretty far into this before I gave it up. I’m super intrigued by AI and this film had a darkness to it that was creepy and cool. But it was moving incredibly slowly and I just couldn’t stick with it!

Any reasons you want to share about why I need to finish these? Or other movies you just gave up on? Let me know!

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