TV Fan – New Shows Review – Grace & Frankie, Astronaut’s Wives Club, Killjoys, Zoo, Humans

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July 13, 2015 by rachelcmann

There are new shows all the damn time so I’m just going to make this a regular thing instead of pretending that new shows launch with any regular interval.

Grace & Frankie – Starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin (and a host of other great actors) this Netflix hit is about two couples. The husbands are law partners and become something more, leaving their wives to try to figure out what to do next. They are complete opposites and find themselves building a friendship that they never saw coming. The show is sweet and funny and a joy to watch. I already binged on the whole thing!

Astronaut’s Wives Club – People are calling this the next Mad Men and I think that’s a little misplaced. But like Mad Men I didn’t get through the pilot. I like period pieces…or at least I think I do but the more I try to recall period pieces I like…hmmm. Maybe I don’t like period pieces, and particularly not this period (aka 50s/60s). The show is about the women behind the men who were training to be the first to go to space, and the women are as different as can be. In making each one a stereotype of something the show felt forced to me.

Killjoys – Well if this show feels familiar it’s because it borrows very heavily from Firefly. downloadNot that’s there is anything wrong with that, but I kept getting distracted seeing the parallels and hoping this would find its originality sooner rather than later. I also keep getting distracted by other things around me and forget to pay attention to this show. So not a ringing endorsement which sucks because I really wanted to like this!

Zoo – Based on the James Patterson novel, which I’ve never read, I am not expecting to like this show. I don’t handle animal violence real well and the show is high tension/drama which frankly I don’t need in my life right now. I got about halfway through the pilot episode and I actually liked it, but I just can’t handle that kind of heart pounding action right now. I might binge on it in the future though!

Humans – Set in a future where AI robots look super life-like and are pretty much the norm- I’m liking this right off the bat. This is maybe the best show I’ve ever seen about the Singularity and I’m hooked. I like the quiet doomsday feeling, the acting is solid and the robots are spot on.


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