Movie Lover – The Last Five Years


June 22, 2015 by rachelcmann

I’m a huge fan of the soundtrack of this show by Jason Robert Brown (I’m Still Hurting is particularly sob-inducing) but I’d never seen the production live. I was stoked with the announcement of this film and the cast so finally seeing it was a real treat.the-last-five-years-toronto-film-festival

To sum up, the story is about a couple from their first date to their separation. I’ve seen it described as being told in reverse but it’s not that even, it bounces back and forth. The story is heartbreaking in its truth and simplicity. Relationships are complicated and it’s never straightforward. While at the beginning we feel a lot of sympathy for Cathy, by the end our sympathies are more in the middle. They both made mistakes and they both are hurting.

The film is a bit hard to follow, with no direct messaging about where we are in the timeline. 95% of the film (and musical on stage) is sung, rather than having dialogue interspersed with songs. The songs themselves have a lot of story contained within them and aren’t all that catchy. But they are moving and heartfelt.

Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan do very well with the music and the acting and they are a very cute couple. Some of it feels a little forced but honestly unless they had really screwed it up I was going to love this. And they totally didn’t screw it up! I know that doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement but lately with all kinds of books being turned into crappy movies and TV shows it’s not nothing.

2 thoughts on “Movie Lover – The Last Five Years

  1. IAmDonovan says:

    I saw a bootleg of the show before I saw the movie, so I think that helped me understand what’s going on in terms of the timeline a lot more. I actually found some songs very catchy… I had ‘Shiksa Goddess’ stuck in my head for weeks!

    • rachelcmann says:

      Some of it is very catchy – but also very specific ya know? The more I think about it the more I think it just works better on stage.

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