Bookworm – May Reading List


June 1, 2015 by rachelcmann


Steelheart – Brandon Sanderson – Since I’m kind of on a Brandon Sanderson kick lately I thought I’d give his YA novel a try. This, at least, is a departure from the very similar mythology of Words of Radiance and Mistborn. Super powered humans have taken over the world and they are pretty awful so a band of rebels works to overthrow them. It’s a quick read and entertaining if (not surprisingly) a bit juvenile.

If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won’t) – Betty White – This isn’t a book so much as a collection of paragraphs on a variety of subjects with lots of pictures thrown in. Betty White is an icon and I’m sure she has a billion stories, some of which are probably in her previous books but I zipped right through this one.

One Kick – Chelsea Cain – This was a very quick and compelling read! I had a hard time downloadputting it down to be honest. The story of a young woman who has a bit of a vigilante streak, she herself was a kidnap and molestation victim as a child and now wants to protect other potential victims. She is drawn into the fray by a mysterious non-government guy who has a lot of money and not a lot of answers. She is perfectly damaged and perfectly kick ass.

The Dark Unwinding  –Sharon Cameron – This is definitely a more unusual book. It is set in Victorian-ish times and young woman beholden to her family is sent to declare an eccentric uncle insane so her mean aunt can take control of the purse strings. She gets more than she bargained for though, discovering her uncle is something of a mechanical genius (as well as what we would now consider autistic) and has hundreds of people living on the property. There’s more intrigue and suspense and a huge twist I totally didn’t see coming. Considering how rare that is for me these days I’m definitely looking out for more from this author.

A Spark Unseen – Sharon Cameron Sequel to The Dark Unwinding, this book jumps forward two years and throws us right back into the action. And while I appreciate the author giving her characters some real time to recover, it was a bit of a weird gap to bridge.

Pathfinder – Orson Scott Card – This was super interesting! And pretty advanced for a young adult book. If you ever want to get your mind all twisted around about time travel and interfering with your own time stream, man this is a doozy. Essentially about a young man and his friends, this is really a story about evolution and manipulation.

Ruins – Orson Scott Card – To continue my mind bending, I picked up the sequel to Card’s time travel puzzle. This one is slightly less confusing but still hard to follow, especially as we start to get into genetics and the definition of humans and humanity. I’m loving these because they are fun and fast but also challenging.

The Lies of Locke LamoraScott Lynch – This book is…complicated. The chapters and scenes aren’t necessarily in order and so sometimes you don’t know if the characters know what’s happening or not. Once you get used to the back and forth the story bounds along with alacrity. Essentially the tale of a thief and conman trying to pull off his greatest con, there’s a not insignificant amount of carnage and false endings. The world is rich and unique if the characters lack a little originality.

Rebel Belle – Rachel Hawkins – At first blush this looks too girly and superficial to be any good, but it actually gains traction pretty quickly. The narrator breaks the fourth wall right away and while Harper is still kind of annoying she rapidly grows up and becomes someone you actually cheer for. It’s a quick read too so I suggest giving it a shot if YA SF is your thing.


The Archived – Victoria Schwab – Admittedly I didn’t give this a lot of time but it just seemed too complicated right off the bat.

Otherworld: City of Golden Shadow – Tad Williams – This is actually an interesting start but seeing the thickness of the book I am a bit terrified of where this is going to go and i just can’t invest in something so mammoth right now.

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