TV Fan – 2015 Upfronts

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May 18, 2015 by rachelcmann

[If you don’t already know] Upfronts are a presentation that the networks make to advertisers in the spring. They show off their new shows trying to rake in that antiquated primetime broadcast commercial dough.

The good news is, we get an early look at what the networks think will be their big hits next fall when pilot season rolls around. I’ve been a bit surprised at some of the renewals this year (did anyone see a second season of The Odd Couple coming??) so I’m not sure how much room there is for new shows to shoulder into the schedule. And I’m not super excited or thrilled about much that I saw but I’ve been wrong before and I’ll be wrong again. Here are some that stood out to me:

Lucifer (Fox)lucifer-hed

Short synopsis: Basically the devil wants to take some time off and live human for awhile. After some chick gets killed, he tries to lend his talents to a detective who wants nothing to do with him.

Why I’m intrigued: The actor is cute and has smarmy charm down pat. I think it might be flashy and different enough to keep my interest.

Why I’m not sure it’ll last: I’m starting to feel a little confused in shows where angels and demons still refer to God as “Dad” and act hurt over something that happened a couple millenia ago according to our mythology. Immortal beings can really hold a grudge I guess.

Supergirl (CBS)

Short synopsis: Superman’s cousin is also on Earth and just coming into her own. Oddly she also works in media and so other than being female I’m not sure how she’s different from Superman.

Why I’m intrigued: I’m not really a fan of the lead actress and was highly skeptical, but I loved the trailer! I like the rest of the cast a lot and the trailer showed a more dynamic show than I was expecting.

Why I’m not sure it’ll last: It’s already gotten some not favorable buzz and I think we might be a tad oversaturated with superhero shows right now.

Quantico (ABC)

Short synopsis: The next class of agents arrives at Quantico to get their asses kicked. The weak are quickly weeded out but is one of them a traitor?

Why I’m intrigued: I tend to enjoy g-men origin stories and this looks super interesting.

Why I’m not sure it’ll last: While the story appears to be told from one point of view there are a lot of moving parts involved. It may be too much to keep track of.

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