TV Fan – Midseason Pilots Part III

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May 11, 2015 by rachelcmann

iZombie – I’ve been highly anticipating this one for a while now so I was so pleased when it turned out to be really, really good. It’s a bit kitschy – but that’s usually okay in my book. The general idea is that a former doctor becomes a zombie so she goes to work as a medical examiner for access to the brains she now needs to leave. She alienates her friends and family and soon discovers a new superpower when she has visions of the deaths of the people she’s eaten. So now she’s the psychic sidekick to a struggling detective and her boss is trying to find her a cure. And all along it’s funny and clever and great. Hooray! Watch.

One Big Happy – I was super skeptical even though I like Elisha Cuthbert a lot (she was great in Happy Endings). But like most sitcoms, it’s really heavy-handed for the first three minutes with never-ending ‘jokes’ and a raucous laugh track. When it settles down a little bit it has some funny moments but overall it falls very, very flat. I’ll give it another couple of episodes but Pass.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Tina Fey is a goddess. But I don’t love this show about a naive woman trying to make it in New York. It’s a lot of stereotypes all bound together and a lot of it doesn’t resonant with me. I’m going to end up watching the whole season because I feel like I have to and it’s not the worst thing ever. But I’m hoping it picks up some more surprising moments soon. Hate Watch.

Weird Loners – I actually didn’t really have this on my radar but I like the cast so I thought I would give it a shot. Unfortunately the cast is all pretty type-cast so it’s not as fresh a take on single in the big city as I might have hoped. Pass.

American Odyssey – I wasn’t even going to watch this. As you all know I prefer my entertainment light and breezy and I save my dark stuff for things that are very special. So it doesn’t surprise me that I didn’t even get through the pilot. Thing is, I think it has potential to be a really good show, it’s just not for me. Pass.

The Messengers – I kind of waffled on this a couple of times before deciding to watch the pilot. And after watching I’m still wondering. The pilot doesn’t give us a ton of info about the show except that 5 strangers are affected by a fallen angel (who might be the devil) and are then drawn together. That alone feels like a hodgepodge of a bunch of other shows. It does have some slight religious undertones but I can’t tell if that will remain a theme or not. It’s dark in a way but also feels really predictable even though I can’t even tell you the main characters names at this point. So we’ll see. Probably Pass.

Marvel’s Daredevil – Another Netflix binge watching opportunity! I don’t know much about Daredevil outside of the Affleck movie from a few years back, so I went into the pilot with fresh eyes (so to speak). Essentially it’s about a vigilante who is blind and has superb hearing to compensate. He’s not technically superhuman, just a badass. He’s also a lawyer and a ladies man so at least he’s well-rounded ::wink:: The pilot does a very good job setting up the basics for folks not familiar with the comic books without getting bogged down in the details. It has a dark and gritty feel that reminds me of Gotham. I don’t know if I’ll get through the whole season but for now I’ll keep bingeing. Watch.

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