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May 4, 2015 by rachelcmann


Bloodstone & Hellhound – Nancy Holzner – I must have read the first one on my Kindle because these were the 3rd and 5th of the series. And I did vaguely recognize the characters – a demon hunter, her werewolf boyfriend and a segregated  Boston with zombies and other paranormals being kept separate from the human population. At least with these when the heroine recovers far too quickly she has a good excuse. I’ve started to get really annoyed with characters who are ostensibly human healing with lightning speed.

These books are a quick fun read but I don’t think I’m going to bother to fill in the gaps or seek out anymore of them.

Ghost Train to New Orleans – Mur Lafferty – I read the first one of these only a couple months ago and this one…well it didn’t have quite the same satisfying arc as the last one. It wrapped up a little too neat and tidy and quick in my opinion. I do enjoy these characters (a human among the paranormal community trying to figure out her place is a fun idea) though so I’ll keep and eye out.

Visions – Kelley Armstrong – I love her Otherworld series but although I read the first book downloadin this new series (Cainsville) I didn’t know the second one had come out until I came across it. Honestly, I just don’t like these as much. The heroine is better than most but still a bit boy crazy and another book about someone figuring out their supernatural path is wearing a bit thin. I think that’s one of things I liked about Otherworld, everyone already knew what they were doing and kicked ass. I’m not saying this series isn’t worth it, I’m just saying I miss the other one. Maybe it’s time for a re-read.

A Confederation of Valor – Tanya Huff – This is actually the first two books of the series Valor’s Choice and The Better Part of Valor. These are very much in the vein of Honor Harrington in that our heroine (Torin Kerr) is a bad ass space military chick who has the respect and admiration of her superiors and underlings alike. Too bad high ranked idiots keep trying to kill her and everyone she’s responsible for. The books have a small problem with time – two sentence convos take 20 minutes and then 20 minute convos take 2 minutes. The aliens are interesting and the battles are detailed with just enough detail to be interesting without getting bogged down in minutiae or gore.

Eternity – Maggie Shayne – This wasn’t quite what I was expecting from a semi-historical witch romance. An immortal witch whose life starts during the major witch hunts in Europe and America – not exactly happy reading. But the love story is fun and unique and overall a simple enjoyable read.

Priceless – Shannon Mayer This is a fun supernatural series. I really enjoyed the heroine’s inner monologue and they way they introduced new creatures and characters. Essentially Rylee is a sort of psychic tracker of lost children, some of whom are taken by dark forces and need serious rescuing. I’m definitely ending up buying all of these damn books.

Immune – Shannon Mayer Book two picks up immediately where book one left off and it’s a whirlwind. Rylee has a new missing kid to track but is still recovering from the previous book’s adventures. And now she’s got a man in her life who is half lover and half working partner who wants her to work for the Arcane division of the government. So to say her life is complicated is a bit of an understatement. These books are just fun to read.

Raising Innocence – Shannon Mayer – Told ya. In this one the whole gang goes to London to continue their adventures in saving children and trying to not get killed!

Closer to Home – Mercedes Lackey – The Valdemar books are among my all time favorites so I’m always happy when more of these books come out. Mags already has a series of his own so I was surprised to see her continue his story with another series (not that I’m complaining). Mags is Herald and a spy. And his unique view on the world serves him well. This book borrows heavily from Romeo and Juliet but I liked the resolution. I look forward to the next one as always.

Cimarron – Claudia Hall Christian – As with all the Denver Cereal books I couldn’t put it down. The completely effed up lives of these relatively innocent people is just mind boggling and yet completely addictive. This one ended on a little bit of a cliff hanger though which is kind of unusual and totally annoying!


Bleeding Edge – Thomas Pynchon – I can’t tell you where or when this book ended up on my list but it wasn’t for me. The writing is very stylized and while I think I could enjoy this in a different mind frame, this was just too verbose for me. It was taking an awfully long time to get to the damn point.

On Becoming Fearless – Arianna Huffington – I read most of this but I honestly skipped entire chapters and skimmed huge sections so I don’t really feel right saying that I read the whole thing. Huffington is a good writer and a strong modern woman who has had an amazing impact. But her book is more autobiography than self-help or instructional. While it’s great to read inspiring stories about succeeding in a male dominated world, at the end of the day there wasn’t much that I didn’t already know and/or could implement in my life.

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