Everything Else – And People Call TV the Stupid Box

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April 27, 2015 by rachelcmann

If you read this blog you know I’m a sucker for good writing and complex stories that weave fiction with real life, enough to make you have nightmares about where our world is heading. Orphan Black is, on its surface, a sci-fi show about clones. There’s no denying that the show’s lead actress Tatiana Maslany does a ridiculously fantastic job playing multiple characters, or that the show has well-deserved critical and popular adulations, but it’s still just a silly sci-fi show right?orphan-black-tatiana-maslany-clones-sarah-alison-cosima-helena-rachel

Maybe to some folks, but this article, written by the real life inspiration for one of the clones (Cosima, who is the scientist of the group) really hit me. First of all, this article is dense with vocabulary and philosophical ideas – not your average blog post from any writer, never mind a piece about a TV show. I had to read it slowly and carefully, making sure to really absorb and comprehend what I was reading. Not only did I resonate with the author’s comments on authority, I also relished in the idea that pop culture can be culturally relevant outside of poking fun at housewives or different ethnic groups.

Television gets a bad rap. Sci-fi gets a bad rap. Neither are considered high brow art or culture that is worthy of historical preservation, present day awareness and future contemplation. Not every show is a winner, not every show’s aim is to make an impact on our zeitgeist, but some are winners and some do make that impact without smashing their message in our faces.

We should all be using every tool at our disposal to question and revise our world view. When we learn through alternate mediums, whether that’s fables or sci-fi shows or a modern day philosophical salon, we deepen our understanding of each other and hopefully learn important lessons before mistakes are made. I’m inspired by this piece to elevate my writing (be patient with me), learn more about the world and how it works, and to dive a little deeper into entertainment that may not appear to be anything more than fluff.

It’s the least I can do.

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