Everything Else – Why Vampire Love Stories are Truly Awful

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April 13, 2015 by rachelcmann

I have read a lot of YA paranormal fantasy books and followed along with enough young ingenue’s stealing the hearts of ancient supernatural creatures to populate a small country. But here’s my problem with Twilight and Buffy and all the rest.

Every single one of these ancient vampires are mature adults (regardless of how they look) and these girls are underage and immature twits get together it perpetuates the idea that the only females worthy of love are naive virgins.images

The implausibility of these romances is doing a disservice to the young people who read these books and watch these movies (and to an extent the adults who read these books/watch these movies). Invariably the girls are around 17 and a complete trope of the ‘pretty but doesn’t know it and feels awkward’ variety. As a moderate adult myself I can tell you that teenagers are insufferable self absorbed beings and no man in his right mind would be falling in love with that. {Now it’s an entirely plausible thesis to say that vampires are not in their right mind and age does equal maturity and if you get turned at 16 you may never get out of a horny teenage boy mind set. But c’mon.}

I know that as a society we aren’t equipped for the idea that women (let’s categorize this as people over 22) who are smart, capable and ::gasp:: not virgins can be attractive and worthy of love at first sight. She doesn’t need to be innocent and trusting to be marriage material. The fact that we’ve taken this old Puritan ideal and added a new twist with vampires to justify old men marrying underage women is twisted. I don’t need YA novels to start having sex but I do need them to stop pushing the agenda that the only thing of value a girl has is her purity.

Let’s embrace heroines whose romantic entanglements are not her driving force (sorry but Katniss and Tris fail at this too). Girls who don’t have old men creeping on her but it’s accepted because he looks young and sexy. Let’s show young women that their value comes from brains and courage, not beauty. Let’s teach young men to respect a woman’s choices whether that virginity or promiscuity. Let’s get with the 21st century.

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