TV Fan – Midseason Pilots Part II

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March 16, 2015 by rachelcmann

The Odd Couple – I’m a fan of Matthew Perry but he hasn’t found a good project since Friends. This remake of The Odd Couple had me skeptical, and then I heard some not great early reviews. I tried to go in with an open mind…

It’s… there’s a lot of laugh track. There are some legitimately funny lines. So it’s a shame that there is so much unnecessary posturing and unfunny stuff. I don’t think this one is going to last. Pass.

The Last Man on Earth – I didn’t really think the movie was all that funny so I was skeptical about the show. And I hate to be proven right but… Most of the episode was cringeworthy and not particularly funny. Pass.

Battle Creek – The insurance Mayhem guy and Fergie’s husband (who has the absurd character name of Milt Chamberlain – I mean c’mon) reluctantly team up in the most recent opposites attract buddy comedy. There’s the traditional territorial dispute, the diverse casting that doesn’t actually make that much sense considering the setting (Michigan), and the surprise villain. There’s clearly some devious arc that we’ll get to follow so as long as the procedure of the week is interesting I’ll keep watching. Watch.

CSI: Cyber – Well Patricia Arquette‘s Oscar win is a nice boost for the latest CSI spinoff. Thing is, I kind of like it. I like James Van Der Beek as the all-star QB on the team, and the misfit hackers who round it out. There are a few too many slo-mo scenes for my taste but I’ll keep watching it even though it’s cheesy and is going to get cancelled. Watch.

Younger – I enjoy Sutton Foster but I don’t love her projects. This show is just trying too hard in my opinion. Maybe that’s because I have no desire whatsoever to relive my 20’s but the idea of a woman who’s empty nesting trying to get back into the groove of the world by pretending to be 26 professionally and personally just feels…harsh. Diminishing the worth of woman past the age of perceived perfection even more. Pass.

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