Oscar Thoughts 2015


February 22, 2015 by rachelcmann

I like the Oscars but I don’t tend to like or watch most of the nominees (fluffy fantasy movies don’t get nominated all that often). This year though I had at least interest in most so I caught up! Boyhood is the odds on favorite in most of the major categories but we’ll see…

Also, this year, when the nominations were announced there was a lot of talk about how heavily weighted the nominees were to white men and white men made movies. And there’s definitely some truth to that. There isn’t a single actor of any color in the leading role categories. With the exception of Selma, the best picture nominees are all about white men in some form or another, although the actresses nominated mainly star in films about women. So what the hell?

Best Picture

American Sniper – Ack, I ran out of time! (But I thought the book was very good)

The Imitation Game – Loved it (although it does have some story telling issues) but it isn’t going to win.

Birdman – Has won a lot of the lesser awards but I don’t know if it can take on the Academy.

Selma – Ack, I ran out of time!

Boyhood – Everyone’s prediction but my least favorite.

The Theory of Everything – Couldn’t finish it. Too sappy.

The Grand Budapest Hotel – I’m never going to see this, sorry. No opinion.

Whiplash – Ugh. Couldn’t finish it.

Actor – Leading Role

Steve Carrell – Foxcatcher – Amazing movie, amazing performance.

Michael Keaton – Birdman – Honestly it’s a really good performance but sort of one note.

Bradley Cooper – American Sniper – Ack, I ran out of time!

Benedict Cumberbatch – The Imitation Game – J’adore but he’s not going to win for this.

Eddie Redmayne – The Theory of Everything – Just no.

Actress – Leading Role

Marion Cotillard – Two Days, One Night – Didn’t see it. No opinion although she is usually lovely the subject matter seems incredibly strange.

Felicity Jones – The Theory of Everything – Since I didn’t finish the movie I don’t know if her character ever did anything of note (probably).

Julieanne Moore – Still Alice – Didn’t see it. No opinion though I’ve heard truly amazing things about her performance.

Rosemund Pike – Gone Girl – Didn’t see it. No opinion – sorry.

Reese Witherspoon – Wild – Ack, I ran out of time! And I kind of hated the book.


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