Movie Lover – Unifinished Oscar Noms – Interstellar, Whiplash, Theory of Everything


February 16, 2015 by rachelcmann


I work/am friends with a lot of film buffs, and they were all quite excited about the new Nolan film, and they all came back disappointed. So after all the hype and no one reporting good things about it, I watched mostly out of curiosity. Or I tried to watch.

How am I supposed to look at this idiot and think he's a brilliant engineer?

How am I supposed to look at this idiot and think he’s a brilliant engineer?

I find McConaughey insufferable, one of those actors (like Tom Cruise) that I can’t see the character through the actor/persona. And while I liked the premise of the film I couldn’t get myself to care about what happened to the human race. I paused and never went back.


Whiplash is…emotionally awful. I’m not a huge Miles Teller fan but I am a JK Simmons fan. Simmons plays a crazy abusive music teacher at a premiere music college who is outright terrifying. Teller is his newest victim. And in the way that young people sometimes do, instead of telling someone he looks up to off, he drives himself to blood and tears to be better. Basically everyone in this movie is an awful selfish person.It’s shot in a very independent self congratulating way that annoys me. Furthermore, with Instagram-esque shots of food and a sideways look at a bloody hand going into a pitcher of ice water – I was basically wincing the entire time.

The Theory of Everything

Other than knowing this film was about Stephen Hawking all I’d really heard was that it was mainly Oscar bait for Eddie Redmayne. Physicality and portrayal of disability is not enough to win an Oscar in my opinion. I don’t think Redmayne is bad persay, I just don’t think it’s particularly special either.

This movie feels like something a substitute teacher would show you in a science class in high school. It has a soft focus filter (think GlamourShots at the mall) and plunking piano music to offset the truly horrifying decay of the body. Maybe it got more gritty later in the film but blech.

PS. I am incredibly distracted by Hawking’s friend, because the actor plays a memorable bad guy in Doctor Who so I’m having a hard time concentrating because the guy hasn’t aged in 8 years. So that didn’t help.

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