Movie Lover – Foxcatcher


February 16, 2015 by rachelcmann

Based on a true story, Foxcatcher is a film about a wrestling, brothers and obsession. But that doesn’t really say enough.

There’s a scene towards the beginning, where Ruffalo and Tatum are starting their practice. Ruffalo stretches Tatum and then the settle into their practice. I love this scene, it’s so incredibly authentic to me. The old routine, each person knowing their part so well it’s automatic. The rhythm engrained in their bones. foxcatcher-channing-tatum-steve-carell-1

I’ve said it before, but Channing Tatum deserves more credit as an actor than he gets and I hope this helps people see that. He totally embodies this guy, who is more gorilla and jaw than brains and savvy. Mark’s (Tatum) desire to rise above his brother in some way, and yet continually being knocked down and chosen second is felt, but at the end I felt like his portrayal was a bit uneven. Steve Carrell is unrecognizable as the rich weirdo, but I gotta say, truth is stranger than fiction. That they had to tone this guy down to make him believable, to give his character somewhere to go makes sense to me. He seems harmless, but in a way that most serial killers seem harmless to their neighbors. (I do think it’s a coincidence he looks like his Despicable Me character.)

This movie is intense. But I also think it’s wonderfully done.  The use of sound, or lack there of, is impeccable and adds so much drama to the story. Carrell is creepy and authentic in his madness, Rufallo and Tatum have great tense chemistry. If I have a criticism, it’s that the last scene seems extraneous to me, like an extra button that you don’t use.

Weird that this is the one that isn’t nominated for Best Picture because it would be my odds on favorite at this point.

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