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February 9, 2015 by rachelcmann

Galavant – Billed as a musical comedy, this show is a pale imitation of great musical comedies like Robin Hood: Prince in Tights or Blazing Saddles. It’s funny, but nothing about it feels particularly fresh or new. And the singing isn’t all that good either. Hate Watch.

Marvel’s Agent Carter – While I’m all for a positive female protagonist, I might be little 20140313-205634Marveled out. Shocking I know. That said, I am enjoying the very Whedonesque show with it’s attention to detail, witty banter and strong female lead. Since I’ve basically given up on Agents of SHIELD, this is a nice filler til the next film. Watch!

Eye Candy – So I didn’t get all the way through this but it looks like the MTV teen version of the new show Stalker. A brilliant gal has a personal reason to spend all her spare time searching for missing people but she also has a stalker (or something). I don’t know, the soundtrack was just so awful. It’s trying way too hard and I felt myself frowning at the screen. Pass.

Backstrom – Other than this being a remake of a Swedish show starring Rainn Wilson as a curmudgeonly detective, I was prepared for almost anything. So color me surprised when Backstrom (Wilson) and his collection of quirky sidekicks is somehow endearing and entertaining. It could have been terribly stale but it wasn’t. I particularly love Kristoffer Polaha as the forensics guy with an unusual way of expressing himself. But I’m also a sucker for shows based in Portland ❤ Watch!

Allegiance – This is a spy show. A little bit of Covert Affairs and Graceland mixed with The Americans and Sherlock – the Russians are (apparently) still assholes who hate everyone and a young CIA analyst, who’s a little peculiar – OCD or photographic memory or something, with a Russian family is put on the Russian desk and then everything goes to hell in a handbasket. But I like it! Watch!

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