Movie Lover – Birdman


February 3, 2015 by rachelcmann

I don’t know where to start so…

– A narcissistic washed out actor from a 90’s comic book here franchise is giving it one last go with an obscure play on Broadway (this is the basic plot) but it turns out that a) he’s dying? b) his girlfriend is pregnant (and he has a 20-something daughter already who was a junkie) c) he hears a voice which sounds an awful lot like Batman which tickles me d) he has superpowers…

– The whole movie is shot as if it’s a one-shot (meaning there are no cutaway edits). Obviously that’s impossible so you start to notice the spots they used to switch cameras or start again, but even so it’s an incredible feat of editing and acting and blocking. And with the special effects of telekinetic! Amazeballs.

– There’s a lot of name dropping.images

– Edward Norton is fucking awesome in this but the whole cast does a pretty bang up job. And I gotta say, the casting…it’s like they through out all their preconceived notions of people and just cast it. And it’s wonderful and refreshing and beautiful. Galifianakis as the straight laced lawyer. Emma Stone as the junkie cynic. Norton as the method actor who takes everything too far. And Keaton…well he just is.

– I gotta say “I called it” and then “Oh, well not that part” but no spoiler!

– And for a movie based in the theater it was pretty accurate. There were a couple of spots where I rolled my eyes but all in all, very good!

This is not a movie for everyone. This is a movie for people who like movie making and being intrigued. I can see why it’s nominated for an Oscar.

One thought on “Movie Lover – Birdman

  1. […] Birdman – Has won a lot of the lesser awards but I don’t know if it can take on the Academy. […]

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