Movie Lover – Step Up All In, Lone Ranger, The 100 Foot Journey

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January 26, 2015 by rachelcmann

Another combo movie post!


There’s nothing you can say that will make me not watch these movies. Yes, the acting leaves a LOT to be desired and yes the plots are beyond ridiculous and yes the whole thing is soooo 2006.

I’m a HUGE fan of So You Think You Can Dance, am half in love with Travis Wall and think that dance as an art form is amazing. While hip hop street battles aren’t my first choice of style, I’ll still take it over most other sequels (although this is movie number 4 or 5 so…quadqel?) Because fans of these are not watching it for the plot, we’re watching it for the dance and to see our favorite dancers do their thing. And that’s no different than going to see the latest film solely because they’re in it.


I was strong armed into this by my parents so my level of skepticism was very very high. And it’s still not my favorite, but honestly it wasn’t the over the top effects or Johnny Depp in red face that bothered me the most. It was the very real depiction of the way the white man oppressed and murdered Native Americans for personal gain that just made my stomach turn. It is always challenging to watch ‘based on a true story’ movies when it holds up a mirror to the worst parts of our society and history and that’s probably why I avoid most movies that do that.

Lone Ranger isn’t meant to be a commentary, it’s supposed to be a silly western remake. But I couldn’t laugh at the scenarios because they were bookended by the straight up slaughter of people who were here first. I choose my entertainment based on escapism value and just about anything in American history isn’t going to do that for me. I have more than enough murder, rape, discrimination and awful human behavior streaming in from the news on a daily basis, I don’t need it in my books and movies too. It’s just a personal choice.


My mom loved this movie, and after watching it I can see why. It’s sweet, it’s funny and it’s perfectly aimed at mumblecough aged moms who like sappy movies. For all that, not a whole hell of a lot happens which is why I probably had a hard time getting into it. A young Indian man and his family wind up in rural France after they are forced to leave Mumbai. They move into a restaurant/villa across the lane from the Michelin starred French restaurant across the street and tensions build. Helen Mirren is perfectly coiffed and perfectly chilly towards the new neighbors, but it wouldn’t be a sappy movie if it didn’t have a happy ending.

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