Movie Lover – Draft Day, Stretch, Last Vegas

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January 12, 2015 by rachelcmann

I decided to combine a couple of shorter movie posts into one longer one. Hope you enjoy!


I think my Dad summed it up best when about three quarters of the way through the film, when we’d seen the logo of the 12th or so football team go across the screen, when he said “This is just a giant advertisement for the NFL.” 

And it really is. Couched in a relatively weak storyline about taking chances and defying authority and going with your gut (or heart I guess) the movie takes advantage of screen time to name drop a whole hell of a lot of NFL teams, coaches, players and even the commissioner. Since the movie came out before this years domestic violence PR drama the movie wouldn’t seem to hold much appeal to non-football fans. And in the aftermath, the drama of the draft seems sort of pale in comparison.

For real though, the draft must take for f**king EVER. Each team gets like 8 minutes to make a choice and then the dude walks up on stage and takes a picture and shakes the owner’s hand and then they announce the next team to choose. And there’s like 150 people to get through! Even at a conservative 10 minutes per player that’s 25 HOURS of draft picking. And they start at like 10 pm or something ridiculous!

Anyway! Kevin Costner does a great job of making something that seems boring on paper really dynamic and interesting. The personal subplot that they’ve added in also bumps up the intrigue and drama but really, maybe the NFL could focus on other things now.


This is a weird movie.  <end review>


Just Kidding! But it is super strange. And while the plot is purposefully absurd, the thing that kept me hooked was thinking “Why in the hell would any of these actors accept these parts?” Chris Pine plays a coked out billionaire who is into some weird shit. Patrick Wilson carries the film as the title character whose night has gone to hell in a hand basket (or a limo to be more accurate). Jessica Alba has a nice extended cameo and there are handful of other stars who make an appearance. But this movie is weird. I honestly can’t think of a single person I know who I would recommend this movie to, because for all of it’s oddity it’s not that original or funny or groundbreaking. It feels like a passion project for a bunch of people with a deranged sense of humor.

So, not really my cup of tea but I did laugh and I did stick it out to the end to satisfy my curiosity about the ending.


I mean, the cast alone is reason enough to watch. Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman, Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas and there are so many other smaller roles filled with familiar faces. If the story is a little sappy and predictable, so be it. I laughed out loud multiple times. I thoroughly enjoyed my 100 minutes of old man fun.

I want to be clear though, this is not high art. Frankly I’m a bit surprised these actors bothered to show up to do this movie. There are some subtle product placement pieces so maybe the paycheck made it worth it? I’m not likely to recommend this to anyone in my age bracket, but considering there are so few easy comedies in my queue these days I don’t want to snub it either.

Aw shucks, I just liked it okay?

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