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December 29, 2014 by rachelcmann

It’s nearly 2015 (holy criminy) and there are a few things that really hold in my memory from this year in media. When people ask me what a good movie I’ve seen recently or a good book I’ve read, I usually draw a blank. I plow through so much that something has to really stand out for me. So this list is things that stuck with me, that I can point to as being really good and worth the time.


Alex the Fey series – These books aren’t all that good from a critical standpoint, but I ate them up and am dying for the next installment. They are essentially spy thriller novels with a very small supernatural twist. And that’s one of the things I love, that the supernatural takes a back seat to the story telling.

The Age of Miracles – This is a book that really makes you think about the world. It’s not my typical read, but something I think most people would enjoy so I can recommend it with few reservations.

Smart Women Finish Rich – This was recommended by someone who knows about these things and while I haven’t finished reading it yet it made me really get off my butt and do some financial planning. While the info is a bit out of date (no, you can’t get an account with >3% interest anymore) it’s still a good primer and took a lot of the fear out of the whole mess for me.

The Kingkiller Chronicles – The last installment of this saga comes out in the new year and while the first books are a bit distant in my memory I am still waiting on tenterhooks for this book. These are epic fantasy novels on par with Game of Thrones or Outlander. Be prepared to dig in.


This is Where I Leave You – I loved this movie. As soon as I stop crying from the first viewing I’ll watch it again. So good (see earlier longer review).

Only Lovers Left Alive – The cinematography, the subtle acting, the lighting, the story, the everything. It’s indie film done well and done right. It’s not for everyone but if you love film for the sake of film definitely check it out.(see earlier longer review)


Madame Secretary – I can’t get enough. I wait with bated breath for each new episode and I’m praying to the TV gods that it gets renewed for a season 2. It’s sharp, it’s interesting, it’s relevant. I could do with less of the eldest daughter but I’ll suffer through her simpering to get to the good stuff.

Supernatural – Although Sherlock has taken over the number 1 spot on my favorite TV show list (alas, no new episodes until NEXT CHRISTMAS!), Supernatural has picked up speed again. Season 9 was a little underwhelming for me but I’m back on board with the boys. If you’ve never watched it and need something to marathon while you have the flu…there are over 200 episodes…just saying.

The Librarians – A new series on TNT that adds to the TV Movies with Noah Wylie as a mythical librarian who consistently saves the world. The show is silly, with no reality based plots but I love it anyway. Embrace the ridiculous and you’ll have a good time.

Everything Else

Big Cat Derek – YouTube – I’m an animal lover and have spent a fair amount of time volunteering with animal shelters. This is on a whole other level though. What I love about this amateur vlog is that Derek is so passionate about what basically amounts to his second full time job, he is so in tune with the cats and their personalities and he recognizes that this moment in time is a rare gift. He’s funny and self deprecating and it’s really a joy to watch. His Vine’s are particularly hilarious if you’re into that kind of thing. – Clothing – I just got a couple of raglan sweatshirts from this company and I have been wearing them non stop. The ones I got are not super fuzzy, more like a thick t-shirt material but seriously, I want more. They have lots of geeky ones and some fun holiday ones and really, just check it out.

99% Invisible – Podcast – I may have mentioned this before but I love this podcast. I’m still about 2 years behind because I don’t get a lot of time to listen to podcasts (I’m completely incapable of doing anything else while listening). This is essentially a podcast about our designed world, which is not a good pitch, but it’s soooo interesting! If you’re into podcasts definitely give this one a listen.

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