2014 RWG Gift Guide

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December 8, 2014 by rachelcmann

I guess it’s almost Christmas? I can’t tell 😉

I’ve picked out a few items I think you all might enjoy for yourselves or loved ones. More than one of these is on my own personal list so…

Kindle Voyage – Amazon – ~$200

I’m a fan of my basic cheap Kindle but the lack of touchscreen gets annoying after a while and what I wouldn’t do for a light!

Literary themed tops and accessories – Out of Print – ~$25

Through Amazon there is a shop called “Out of Print” that I’m a smidge obsessed with. This library stamp t-shirt is on my wish list, as is this Alice in Wonderland themed necklace.

The new Sherlock Box Set – Amazon – $140

Since there’s no new Sherlock for another YEAR (Christmas 2015), they’ve decided to tide us over with a box set. It includes an extra DVD with extras as well as some cool busts of Watson and Sherlock. Better for someone who doesn’t already own the three series probably.

Bananagrams – Amazon – $12

It’s kind of like Scrabble but everyone has their own board and tiles. Whoever uses up all the tiles first (and has all valid words) wins. I kick ass at this game and now no one will play with me.

Lootcrate – Monthly – $14/mo

For your more all around geek, Lootcrate offers a monthly box that has geek/nerd related goodies inside, though they tend to skew towards gamers. I love a good subscription box (like PopSugar or Birchbox) and currently subscribe to a couple myself.

Anything on Etsy

Etsy is a great resource for one-of-a-kind gifts. It can be a bit of a pain to dig through though, so if you have something kind of specific in mind that definitely helps. There is just so much! Like this Tardis key necklace or this Firefly necklace.

Tetris Desk Lamp – Amazon – $80

This is more than I’d want to spend on a novelty item but if you know anyone who’s really into Tetris and works in a not-too-stuffy office this could be a fun gift.

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