Movie Lover – Lucy

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November 17, 2014 by rachelcmann

I’m pretty confident I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a big ScarJo fan (sorry boys, I just don’t get it) but I’m all for strong female protagonists and this plot looked interesting enough. Let’s review that plot before I go into my thoughts.



Girl gets nabbed, threatened and eventually knocked and stuffed with drugs so she can take them back to the US. On the way she gets nabbed and beaten up and the drugs leak into her system. Said drugs blow her mind and she starts being able to use far above the (inaccurate by the way) 10% of our brain function that humans normally use. All of this happens with some Professor Morgan Freeman overlay providing exposition. She then takes revenge on nabbers, reaches out to Freeman so she can teach him of her newly found intel and eventually becomes a crazy black blob that is sentient after a big gun fight that she’s not really involved in.

PS – this movie is SciFi. In theory, I like the premise of expanded mind power. That is cool. The rest of this movie though is basically a mob movie and it completely fails the Bechdel test and it completely fails the ‘getting you to care about the characters’ test and as a testing ground to see if Johansson could carry a female action movie (which is a rumor I heard) I’m not sure it succeeded at that either. Never mind the fact that Black Widow is a totally different character then Lucy, clearly these are apples we can compare to each other to decide if we want to invest in female super heroes.

So this movie didn’t work for me either as an individual piece of work or as an indicator of what would be possible for female super heroes in general. (Do we need to even have the “can women carry an action movie” conversation anymore, have those people seen Alien, Tomb Raider, Wanted, Terminator etc?) ::sigh::

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