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November 10, 2014 by rachelcmann

I do love me some Daniel Radcliffe (cannot wait for Horns!) but I’ve been less then excited by his post-Potter projects. He’s done a really good job getting out from under that shadow, but I don’t know. 

What If is a romantic comedy, heavy on the romance. It’s a quiet little film, very simple really. About a lonely boy who becomes friends with a girl. She already has a boyfriend, hence the just friends part. But of course there are more feelings and man does this movie do damage to the ideal that straight men and women can be just friends. (That’s a rant for a different blog) While I’m all for falling in love, this movie does rely heavily on the meet cute, quirky attractiveness, instant witty banter and general good lookingness of everyone involved. Honestly, I’m not sure how many more of these movies I can watch.

Because it all felt so pre-determined, I never really bought in and as such, felt unfulfilled when we got to the inevitable conclusion. Sure it had some cute moments (and a really fantastic slapstick scene) but it honestly made me feel less hopelessly romantic, which I’m pretty sure wasn’t the point. I’ll give them points for showing real conflict between our romantic leads, but some of it felt manufactured, as if they were trying to make it more authentic but…well you know what it’s like when someone is trying to be sincere right? It just misses the mark a bit.

Or maybe I’m a cynical spinster who can’t enjoy anything. Also an option.

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