Movie Lover – 22 Jump Street

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October 27, 2014 by rachelcmann

I like bromances. Good ones at least. And Channing Tatum is really underrated so of course I watched this movie.

It was…watchable. I’m not a huge Jonah Hill fan but his irritating yammering was kept to a minimum. Plus Tatum makes up for a lot. One of my favorite things about this film is how much fun they poked at themselves. Huge call outs to the ridiculousness of the plot and other references to both the original and the remake, major props to the writers and producers for that meta take (especially the end credits).

The basic plot is that…(I can’t remember their characters names…) Tatum and Hill go undercover at a college to catch the dealer of a scary new drug “WyFy” (that I remember). Lots of hijinks, some of them funny and some of them less so. At a certain point the gag gets old but like I said, they do a really good job of acknowledging it. There are definitely some eye roll moments but overall it’s a pretty fun film and remarkably PG all things considered. I’m not going to watch it again (probably ever) but it was a good diversion for a short while.


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