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October 6, 2014 by rachelcmann

Living in the SF Bay Area and working in tech has re-introduced me to the world of techies, entrepreneurs, 22 year old millionaires and world of dumb ideas worth their weight in iPhones. So when Silicon Valley came along I thought I would enjoy the tongue-in-cheek not very veiled references to the absurdity of our little bubble. And I did enjoy it, but I didn’t love it like I was told I would and I think I know why. 

The show is essentially about a guy who works for a big Google like corporation while working on his side project living in an incubator house in Palo Alto with some other coders and misfits. When he realizes he’s sitting on a goldmine he turns down the major money offer for a smaller cash investment and the chance to run his own company. The problem being he doesn’t know anything about business and that big company is building their own version of his product. The all male cast (there’s a token female and frankly I’m underwhelmed with her character {I forgot, there’s also a couple token sex objects but this show massively fails the Bechdel Test}) has misadventures along the way but you root for them as underdogs and socially inept tech stereotypes.

The show is good, I’m not going to pretend that it isn’t entertaining, but it’s also predictable and a but one dimensional. I don’t know if they’re doing a Season 2 but I hope a second season expands their worldview. For one, more female characters and two, more diverse personalities. Yes, Silicon Valley is primarily male and yes, most of the men at the top are white, but repeating that on TV isn’t helping.

The show writes a lot of in-jokes, and they’re good, but undoubtedly better if you live and breathe this world that I am only tangentially attached to. It is for Silicon Valley techies what Slings and Arrows is to theater people. And I am theater people at heart. And you should watch Slings and Arrows because it’s hilarious and awesome.

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