TV Fan – Fall Pilot Review Part II

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October 2, 2014 by rachelcmann

Gotham – I mean, Ben McKenzie was a star player in most of my teenage dreams so ::swoon:: but I’ll try to see past that to the show itself. For starters, I don’t know a whole hell of a lot about the Batman canon, except for me, Batman is Michael Keaton (yes, I’m older than I appear) and we’re not going to talk about the rest of them. I’m definitely intrigued by a show based in the origin story, especially as it includes the origin story for the villains as well (we’re introduced to 2 or 3 of them in the pilot) because I kind of love prequels. But I don’t know that the future Commissioner Gordon is a compelling enough hero in his own right…yet. There’s definitely lots of intrigue and the cinematic feel is great and I’m cautiously optimistic. Watch! (for now)

How to Get Away with Murder – I gave up on Grey’s Anatomy around Season 6. I didn’t even get to Season 2 of Scandal. But I was curious about Shonda Rhimes’ new show anyway, plus who doesn’t love Viola Davis? That said, the pilot alone has so many twists and subplots that I’m having a hard time keeping track. And the young hot things that act as the focal point are…predictable in the way that the fresh faced residents at Seattle Grace and who ever is playing the ingenue on Scandal these days is. While How to Get Away with Murder is in a different setting (law school, law firm, courtroom) it doesn’t actually feel that fresh. Watch! (until it gets too ridiculous)

Manhattan Love Story – So the basic premise here is a romcom where we are privy to the pretty girl and handsome boys internal thoughts. Unfortunately, those internal thoughts are so stereotypical and obvious that the voice over isn’t really needed. I actually can’t even make it all the way through the pilot because it’s so awkward and not cute 😦 Pass.

Selfie – Despite my reservations, I have a modicum of faith in Karen Gillan and didn’t want to believe she would star in a horrifically awful TV show. And I gotta say, I was super pleasantly surprised. Yes, the character (Eliza Dooley ) is shallow and silly, but Gillan manages to portray her as pathetic and worthy of sympathy rather than annoying. I think it’s also a pretty scary and accurate portrayal of how we idolize social media mavens and more than one Millennial is headed down Eliza’s path. It’s an easy trap to fall into these days and I think we’ve all been there – wanting to be liked, to be admired and to fit in. Eliza is just one extreme end of the spectrum and maybe we can learn something through her journey. (That said, I don’t know how long they can draw this out) Watch!

Stalker – In the first 10 seconds we see a young girl leaving a message and I panicked. I suddenly realized I didn’t know what would  be worse – that the young co-ed is the victim of a creepy stalker or that she would be the crazy ex-girlfriend stalker of some guy. I was right, although I won’t spoil which is was for you. On to the real stuff- I love me some Maggie Q, and I love seeing strong professional women on TV. There are clearly some back stories for them to develop and reveal in addition to the stalker of the week plots. But with the TV landscape littered with crime procedurals I just don’t know if Stalker can hold on. Watch! (for now)

Do you have any new favorites so far this season? Have I passed up anything amazing? Let me know and stay tuned for the next installment!


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