TV Fan – Pilot Season 2014

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September 23, 2014 by rachelcmann

Forever – Well…I’ve seen the pilot. It’s like vampire Sherlock I guess? There’s a dude who can’t die but he doesn’t know why. But he’s also unnervingly observant like Sherlock and kind of aloof and loner-like too. There’s a girl cop who (thankfully) he has no romantic connection with because they are both mourning their lost loves, but his was during WWI (or II) and really he ought to be over it already. The show is just a mash-up of other shows that have been done already and done better. Pass.

Red Band Society – So, I actually was holding out some hope for this one. A medical drama with a new twist. From a patient point of view rather than hot resident POV. And the show does have potential to pull on all the heartstrings. However, while I’ll buy that our narrator can hear conversations despite his being a coma, he is (probably) not omniscient, which means the scenes he’s narrating happening in other rooms and on the roof should be out of his jurisdiction. And of course the doctor is super hot. And this is by far the nicest hospital I’ve ever seen. Pediatric cancer wards don’t have 600 sq feet rooms per patient, just no. So I might watch another episode or two but my incredulity was stretched a lot and I’m having a hard time taking it seriously. Probably Pass.

The Mysteries of Laura – Without knowing much about what this show is about I’d heard a lot mediocre reviews before watching it. I like Debra Messing even if I find her style to be a bit frenetic. So essentially it’s about Detective Laura Diamond (Messing) who is a) a police detective b) recent divorcee and c) mother of twins. And apparently this is interesting enough to warrant a show (I mean we’ve seen weaker basic plots but…) And Messing does a good job of being a smart woman “balancing it all”. But the big reveal in the whodunnit is…absurd and it’s almost like Messing is over-acting on purpose because she knows how Dinner Party Murder Mystery it is. Pass. Scorpion

Scorpion – A gaggle of misfits who are masters of very specialized slightly illegal things must band together with the help of a non-genius waitress to save the world. In the pilot, ‘the world’ consists of planes who are cut off from ATC because of a software update. And yes, the show is exciting if predictable but I had one major believability problem. I won’t spoil it but…why can’t the plane just land? (If it’s bc the runway is too short they should say that somewhere so I’m not annoyed at the ridiculousness of the scene). Anyway, I like the cast (for the most part) and frankly I love these kinds of shows. Numbers, Breaking In, etc. Watch!

Madam Secretary – I’m not exactly what you’d call politically savvy, but I adore The West Wing and by semi-fictionalizing politics it makes it tolerable. So although I’m not a big Tea Leoni fan, I wanted to give this a shot. Less than 5 minutes in and I’m already sold, I’m loving her flavor of snark. She has a big uphill battle in the White House which is entertaining and while I don’t need the conspiracy theory sub-plot, I’m totally into this show. Watch!

Stay Tuned for more Pilot Reviews as the season continues!

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