Bookworm – Best Thing Since Sliced Bread – Bookbub


September 15, 2014 by rachelcmann

If you have an e-reader of any kind you need to sign up for Bookbub right now. It’s awesome. Every day they email you a list of Free and very cheap ebooks available on your device. It’s free to sign up and you get to pre-select what your reading preferences are so you’re not going to get a lot of historical romances if you like dystopian robot books.

I am in love with this service, I’ve been reading a LOT of random books because of it. Nothing that’s the next great American novel, but lots of wonderful fun things that I never would have found on my own. And one of these days I’ll start reading more high brow things but…why? <wink>

I’ll start adding reviews on the things I really like from Bookbub soon, but in the mean time sign up and see your e-reader fill up!

One thought on “Bookworm – Best Thing Since Sliced Bread – Bookbub

  1. […] is actually the second book, the first one being Child of the Ghosts which I got for free from BookBub. And let’s be clear, these are pretty dark and violent. In the first book a young woman […]

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