Everything Else – Pursuing Passion (Part 2)

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January 20, 2014 by rachelcmann

I haven’t done a lot of writing other than on this blog in almost a year now, despite my musings on pursuing passion (and even this blog has taken a motivational hit recently). Part of it is time and part of it is inspiration. I keep seeing things like “Writers write, whether they have anything to say or not” (I’m paraphrasing) and while I don’t totally disagree with that sentiment, writing a bunch of crappy sentences just so I can say I wrote today isn’t exactly productive to my way of thinking.

So how do I rekindle a passion that’s been waining lately? How do I convince myself that sitting down and writing, even if it’s a short prompt or another few scenes, is worth it every day? Well for starters, I think I need to do a little self cheerleading and prove to myself that what I’m writing is worthwhile. I recently stumbled upon the start of a story I wrote in ’05 and had zero recollection of, and it’s not bad. It’s themes are not dissimilar from Divergent or Hunger Games and I thought “If only I’d finished this, I could have a movie deal right now! (maybe)” None of my current projects are really calling out to me to be written, so I think that’s step two, to get inspired by some of the current characters or to create some new ones that I want to return to day after day. Even though I solved the major plot problem in the novel I had planned to work on, I’m just not feeling it. And while some people would tell me (including myself) to just work on it anyway, I doubt that anything I would produce in that frame of mind would be worthwhile.

Finally, I think I need to rework this blog a little bit. I’m burning myself out a little bit feeling like I need to post here, and the quality of what I post is suffering. I’m going to post a little less often and put more thought and time into what I do post. To that end, I will probably be polling y’all soon to ask your opinion about what you’d like to see here, so get ready for that. Also, what do you to motivate yourself when you feel your desire fading? Whether it’s a personal project or a work thing or a commitment to the elliptical machine.

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