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January 11, 2014 by rachelcmann

Sometimes I’m confronted with the decision of rewatching something I’ve seen before and starting something new. It’s kind of like trying a new dish at a favorite restaurant. The familiar calls out to me, welcomes into it’s embrace of recognizable faces and themes. The beckoning finger of the new and exciting can be equally as enticing. To be able to watch something for the first time not knowing if it will become one of your favorites or become one of the many discards in your mental media library, there’s no greater rush.

I recently started Doctor Who over again (even including the Eccleston year) even though I’ve got a list as long as my arm of new things to read/watch and write about. With Capaldi starting up (although we won’t have new episodes until the fall) I thought I should revisit what I love about the series, try to convince myself that I loved the Doctor and not just the men playing him. That the cheesy episodes were just as lovable as the tear jerkers. With the Day of the Doctor having so many Easter Eggs and references to the older episodes and the Time of the Doctor feeling so damn final, it just felt like time.

So here are my rules for re-watching (this applies to re-reading as well). 1) Enough time has to have passed that you’ve forgotten a good portion of the plot, that way it feels fresh again. 2) If you don’t love it anymore, it’s okay to stop or skip ahead. 3) Support your favorite franchise by purchasing something, the DVDs or a tshirt or a mug. Share the love!

So what’s your old standard that you return to over and over again?

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