Movie Lover – White House Down

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December 17, 2013 by rachelcmann

Well, if you wanted an action movie. I saw something recently that talked about how White House Down was a better “Die Hard” movie than Die Hard 3-5 are. And I kind of agree. It’s got the classic elements of a right guy in the wrong place kind of movie. The stakes are super high, the fights are totally unrealistic and the hero saves the day. There are explosions and car chases and air strikes and lots of guns and unrealistic fights.

So essentially, a former Marine(?) is now Capitol Police and on the personal detail of the Speaker of the House(?). He’s got an interview for Secret Service and he really wants the job. Trouble is the hiring manager is a former college mate of his, who he only knew for one semester but she seems to have a lot of opinions about his character. John’s also got his estranged daughter with him (who brings their kid on an interview in the White House?) She’s a smart kid who’s very into politics and they end up on a tour. Then some asshat blows up the capitol building and it’s just a diversion for some asshat’s to take over the White House. Insert fight scene where the bad guys hit the good guys in a single shot and the good guys can’t find their targets. John is separated from his precocious daughter and so he’s freaking out. Long story short, John and his daughter save the day.

There are some cute moments in here, and I even cried. I like Channing Tatum, I know he gets a bad rap but I think he’s a decent actor and I enjoy most of his films. On the other hand, although my government lessons are pretty distant memories at this point, I don’t think that’s how the 25th amendment works. So that was a little distracting. That and the idea that an 11 year old girl is freaking the f*ck out when she’s sees people getting shot.

I recommend White House Down if you like action flicks and you want some mindless entertainment. Certainly better than the Die Hard movies I’ve seen recently.


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