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December 8, 2013 by rachelcmann

This show has a lot going for it. It also has a lot working against. In the pro column, Karl Urban is smoldering and stiff. Michael Ealy is adorable and charming. And the pair have very good chemistry.


English: Karl Urban at the 2010 Comic Con in S...

English: Karl Urban at the 2010 Comic Con in San Diego (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In essence this show is a buddy cop show. Twist? That one of them is an android. And not just any android because our human hero (Urban) can’t stand to deal with the more rigid and plasticky modern androids. So he gets a retired version (Ealy) and so far so good. Urban has issues and a crazy amount of survivor guilt and while I’m not sure what caused his initial hatred of the robots he certainly hates them now. Ealy’s job of balancing him out and helping him cope is evident, and their chemistry saves it from being too sappy or awkward.


So for the cons – it’s a bit unclear who the villain is. Something called the Syndicate? Or just criminals in general? Or is it the sentient robots? This show incorporates a lot of familiar seeming mythology. The mag-lift cars, the robot police men and the memory doctors all seem to come Total Recall. (With Urban doing a passable impression of Farrell) The generic bad guys come from….well…everywhere.


Will I keep watching? Probably. I like Urban a lot and the show will level out with it’s drama (I hope). Should you watch it? Well, depends on how much you like buddy cop dramas with a sci fi twist. I do think it’s worth giving a few episodes to see if it grabs you. I happened to binge on the first three episodes and now I can’t wait for the fourth!




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