Movie Lover – Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

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December 3, 2013 by rachelcmann

Other than thinking this was a movie I should see I had almost no understanding of what this movie was about before starting it. They give a lot of it away in the title I suppose.salmon-fishing-in-the-yemen-ewan-mcgregor-emily-blunt-4

Essentially, a sheik in Yemen wants to bring the sport of salmon fishing to his corner of the world. The coordinator of this particular project, Harriet (Emily Blunt), reaches out to Alfred (Ewan McGregor) who is a fishing expert (I guess, I was never quite clear on what his job was before they started). He thinks it’s impossible to bring salmon to Yemen, but impossible things happen all the time. Slowly but surely he believes and they make it work. Add in a little love triangle (with an unrecognizable [to me at least since I only know him from Sleepy Hollow] Tom Mison) and I find my eyes welling up and desperately rooting for the underdog. Especially with the assassination attempts!

Alfred really becomes a man, comes to know himself through this ridiculous project. Harriet experiences great growth. Everyone involved, even the obnoxious PR person (who IMs with the Prime Minister? Least believable thing ever) has to be touched by the miracle of genetics and the power of faith (she’s not but I’m ignoring that). And then some asshole ruins everything. What is wrong with people? But faith and fish prevail 😉

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