TV Fan – The Day of The Doctor


November 24, 2013 by rachelcmann

I can’t tell you how I excited I was for this day. Mainly because David Tennant!! And he did not disappoint. Sure, it was bittersweet seeing my favorite doctor back again and knowing it’ll (probably) never happen again. And knowing that Matt Smith is nearing the end of his tenure is also sad since I’m not totally on board with Capaldi yet. But that said, man oh man was this a doozy. It filled in so much back story and built an arc for many doctors to come.

Spoilers ahead. 

We start with the War of the Time Lords, when the Doctor destroyed his people. The weapon he uses to make that choice is called The Moment. The version of the Doctor played by John Hurt (the one the following doctors try to forget) steals The Moment and takes it to some remote desert. The Moment is manifested like Rose Tyler/Bad Wolf, even though Hurt Doctor doesn’t know her yay for Billie Piper! She decides to show him the man (men?) he will become if he makes that choice. Cue temporal anomalies and we have multiple doctors in the same place. Smith Doctor is in present day London with Clara, investigating something strange at the London gallery. Tennant Doctor in Elizabethan England getting handsy with the Queen. Hijinks.

Inside jokes abound and it really seems like a love letter to the fans of the show. I’m sure there were additional jokes that I didn’t understand because I’ve never seen the original series, but the ones I did get I very much enjoyed. There are (of course) some problems that are solved a little too easily. Clara is exactly as clever and confident as she needs to be to save the day (I’m still not a huge fan of her) and everyone is perfectly smart and witty. This really feels like a prequel to a book series, filling in some gaps and adding a needed back story to the such a major turning point in the Doctor’s life. Now that we know Gallifrey lives, can he find home, and if so, what does that mean?


One thought on “TV Fan – The Day of The Doctor

  1. Alias M. says:

    I won’t read through your whole entry because of the spoilers. I can’t wait to watch The Day of the Doctor! I’ve just recently discovered the series and I am now in Season 6. Although Matt Smith cracks me up, David Tennant is still my favorite doctor.

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