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October 22, 2013 by rachelcmann

This show makes me so uncomfortable! But in a good way because it is so well done. So. Good. Basically, a typical WASP goes to minimum security prison for drug trafficking she did five years ago. She is completely out of her element. And the completely ridiculous scenarios she finds herself in are, well, completely ridiculous! images

Kate Mulgrew like you’ve never seen her. Natasha Lyonne exactly like you’ve seen her. At first I was putting Taryn Manning in the “been there done that” column but later episodes have me thinking otherwise, I’m actually kind of impressed. But a new side of Jason Biggs and Laura Prepon. Oddly enough the lead actress (Taylor Schilling, who after looking at her IMDB change I sort of recognize) is a complete newbie, to me at least and I think she looks like a make-up free Katy Perry. Sometimes I can’t tell if she is really good or if everyone around her lifts her up. For an ensemble cast there are a lot of threads to keep track of, but somehow it all twirls together. We focus a lot on Piper Chapman, but we also get beautiful glimpses into the lives of the other inmates, slowly seeing how they landed in jail and what their relationships are to the others.

The men in the show are sometimes a little overly stereotypical. Mendez aka Pornstache makes my skin crawl. So creepy! He is the embodiment of what you expect an a**hole creep who works at a woman’s prison to be. This show is not for those who are squeamish about sex on TV. There’s a minimum of violence but lots and lots of strong language. There is already lots of buzz about Season 2 and I’m excited even though I haven’t finished Season 1!  I hope we continue to get more of the other inmates as Chapman’s story of woe is getting a little stale for me. But by the season finale things have gotten interesting again. Looking forward to season 2!

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