Movie Lover – Pacific Rim


October 19, 2013 by rachelcmann

Holy Godzilla! I had heard really good things about this movie, which from the outside doesn’t really look like something that would be that popular. Robots vs. Dinosaurs. Actually I take it back, that sounds awesome. And Pacific Rim (not a good title) really is an action packed action-y

Basically there are dinosaurs coming out of an inter-dimensional portal in the Pacific Ocean and human beings rally together to build giant transformer robots to fight back. I’m still not 100% clear on why boxing with the monsters works better than fighter jets and bombs but hey, I’m buying in. Oh, and in order to pilot the giant robots people have to mind meld. It’s really got a lot of the best aspects of multiple sci-fi universes. There is an overarching human interest story line but it’s not real strong and not real believable. And yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds in relation to the dinos v robots storyline. So in terms of deep performances there is not a lot to grab on to here, but if you were looking for that you came to the wrong place. 

Some further reading on my part discovered a deep love for the character of Mako Mori (stay tuned for my take on the Bechdel test). I have a little  bit of a hard time agreeing that her story arc has nothing to do with a man because it does it just happens to be her adoptive father not a romantic partner. And since she sort of does end up with the guy at the end I’m not really convinced she could have moved her own story along without their help. I mean, it’s Hunnam who saves her when she gets lost in the drift, and it’s Elba who saves her from the Kaiju in the first place. Even though she’s pretty darn capable of taking care of herself, she’s not really given the opportunity. SPOILER – Hunnam sacrifices himself to save her apparently forgetting that she kicked his ass.

So yes, an argument could be made that all of the characters have deeper back stories than a tale of this caliber would normally have, but personally I don’t think they were that well developed or believable.

PS – Charlie Hunnam may be the only guy on the planet I think looks better with long hair and a beard. Also…abs.


One thought on “Movie Lover – Pacific Rim

  1. […] who aren’t there to get romanced by someone whether they want to or not. Even Mako Mori in Pacific Rim looked pretty cozy with whatshisface there on that floating robot […]

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