Bookworm – Omens – Kelley Armstrong


October 9, 2013 by rachelcmann

I am such a fan of Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series that when it ended I was crushed. She is trying to staunch the tears with a new series, starting with this book “Omens.”

I’m not going to lie, it took me a little bit of time to get into it. We’ve got the very stereotypical damsel in distress with a strong mysterious man to save her blah blah blah. But something about Armstrong always draws me in. After a slow (maybe just my own reluctance) start, I ravished the pages. “Omens” is about a young woman who finds out that her biological parents (surprise you’re adopted!) are convicted serial killers. The media hounds her, her adoptive mother gets the vapors and her fiance is a dick. So she’s having a great day. With a nudge and a push she ends up in this small town outside of Chicago where the people are a bit…odd. The whole town is odd. And now she’s remembering things about her life with the parents she lost and ::redacted:: but ::redacted:: then ::redacted:: and finally ::redacted::.

Yes it’s predictable in a lot of ways which is kind of a bummer, but there definitely were some surprises. Armstrong has left an entire castles worth of stone’s left unturned for more books to come. I could wish that our protagonists weren’t so darned cookie cutter, but I’ll let it slide…for now. Here’s to hoping she has something more up her sleeve in the next installment.


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