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October 7, 2013 by rachelcmann

Here’s the bar of expectations for this show…oh, you can’t see that? That’s because it’s so low as to be underground. But I’m not gonna not watch a show with Nate Corddry and Allison Janney in it.

I did smile and even laugh a little bit but couldn’t hear myself over the laugh track. Janney is excellent but seems little bit forced. And is also so beautiful it’s hard to buy her as a former addict who is only two years sober. Same of Anna Faris, who plays the same role she always plays, is a little too put together for someone with less than six months sobriety. The jokes are plentiful but mostly predictable. I wish I could say it was enough to keep me interested but it’s really not. Even with cameos from French Stewart and Jon Cryer the show barely kept my attention.

Final verdict? Won’t be staying on my list but if I hear good reviews as the season continues I might check it out again.


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