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September 26, 2013 by rachelcmann



Phil Coulson

Phil Coulson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So. excited. I’m not even that big of an Avengers fan, but I do love Joss Whedon. So now that I’ve set the bar incredibly high, how did it do? Pretty darn good. The show references the movie without depending on the audience knowing it. It pokes fun at itself which I love. The characters are a bit shallow at this point, but that’s too be expected. Here’s to hoping they really let people break out of their boxes.

The Agents of SHIELD is about a group of government agents who are given free reign. Like Hawaii Five-O with super heroes and better tech. For fans of the genre, there is some fun cross-fandom casting. With Colbie Smulders reprising her role as Agent Hill alongside a revived Agent Coulson played by the loverly Clark Gregg. Firefly fans will recognize Ron Glass in the 30 seconds he’s on screen. And Star Trek folks will be happy to see Ming-Na Wen being a badass. And don’t forget Charles Gunn (J August Richards) from Buffy/Angel taking on a superhero part. Yes, the whole episode (show?) is a bit trite, relying heavily on tropes from the genre, but I do not care, I love it. I love the wordplay, the meta references, the ridiculously over the top airplane and the unbelievable scenarios.

I think a lot of people are going to lambast this show, which I’m expecting with the hype. And for the record, I don’t love everything Whedon has ever done. But my queue is filling up with dark dramas and I need some light hearted fun, what’s wrong with that?

So what did you think? Do you find it hard to remember what Agent Ward looks like because he’s so generic or that just me? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

One thought on “TV Fan – Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – ABC

  1. PhotoGrrl Pictures says:

    So I was equally excited, and equally happy with SHIELD (I mean could the name be any longer?). And, yes, Agent Ward is a bit…bland…not so good with the funny either. But, still, it’s Joss, and I’m happy!

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