Bookworm – Shadow Dragon – James A Owen


September 19, 2013 by rachelcmann

Guess who finally found more books of the Imaginarium Geographica! Honestly, even though I finished this book (number 4) last night I don’t really remember it. There was some timey-wimey wibbly-wobbly travel in there that threw me off a bit. I think maybe too many new twists in the mythology were introduced and it started to feel disingenuous. I mean, I’m buying into your premise but when you add too many new devices to fill your plot holes I start to question the whole realm I’m plunged into. That said, I do love these books.

The idea of getting a behind the scenes look at where some of the major authors of our time got their inspiration is just so darn cool. Furthermore, the idea that a shared experience between these authors caused each of them to create such entirely different worlds makes me think more deeply about my own muses. Even when people have witness an identical event, the details change in the retelling. We paint our stories with our perceptions and memories. So one man thrust into a magical world builds a land where children never grow up and another shows us a world only accessed through a rather ordinary looking wardrobe. In what direction do my own muses push me? Lately I haven’t been writing at all, and when I did pick something up the other day everything I had to say disappeared, just with the act of trying to write it down. Which sucks, but I have to push onward.

In this book we side step World War II and get to know some of our heroes a little better. But the whole story lacked focus for me. I’m interested to read the next one and see if it zeros back in, that this book was filling in a larger hole. The trick with a cast of characters as large as this has gotten is that no one ever feels like they’ve gotten enough attention. To balance the over arching story and hold on to those unique individuals is incredibly tricky and I’m not sure Owen managed that in this volume.


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