Bookworm -Vow and Honor Series – Mercedes Lackey


September 8, 2013 by rachelcmann

So, I’m still working my way through The Company series by Kage Baker so it’s been a quiet month on the book front. I did take a break to re-read what I call the “Oathblood” series by Mercedes Lackey. I’ve read these, along with the other mini-series based in this world, many many times. They are some of the first sci-fi-fantasy books I ever read and they definitely influenced my love of the genre.

In this portion of the larger story, Kethry, a noble born mage who got screwed over by her a**hole brother along with Tarma, a barbarian horsewoman and warrior who got obliterated when raiders killed her entire clan of people, form an unlikely but perfect partnership. The tale of how they conquer their little corner of the world is exciting and heartwarming. Set in the traditional “no electricity but there’s magic” world of the Middle Ages with trade roads, farmers, taverns and bards these women overcome crazy obstacles and basically kick ass.

Because I’m a fan of crossing over, they meet or reference folks from other books in her canon that are set in this same world, which is by far my favorite of the supernatural worlds I visit. I don’t want to live there or anything (I do not like camping) but I appreciate the attention to detail, the vastly different lives these different tribes/lands/people lead and how there don’t really seem to be any major plot holes. Things that don’t add up are explained in an entertaining and satisfying way. And that’s why I read these over and over again. I never get bored and I don’t read them often enough to remember all the details.

Bonus – My favorite quote from this series “It is easy for parents to pull the strings that make one dance, after all, they are the ones who tied those strings in the first place.”

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