Movie Lover – Rise of the Guardians

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September 5, 2013 by rachelcmann

So, I have this secret, my friends know this about me, find it endearing, hopefully you will too. I actually can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it yet.

I cannot watch animated films/anthropomorphized creatures without turning into an emotional train wreck. The Swiffer commercial with the sad castout mop moves me to tears. Don’t get me started on Homeward Bound. I will never see Wall-E.

I watch movies with talking animals very infrequently. I watch animated films for children almost never. But Rise of the Guardians seemed innocuous enough. And the cast of voices is divine. Not gonna lie, there were definitely spots that got me a bit choked up (baby Easter Bunny!). I was usually able to avoid spillover by reminding myself of the gaping plot holes. Not the least of which being that a huge portion of the world doesn’t believe in/celebrate Christmas or Easter basically eliminating two Guardians automatically. That prejudice for the Western Christian world aside, the movie is very sweet. Well animated, funny in spots and probably has a good moral for children. Although the parting line of the movie is to believe what the moon tells you, and that seems, well a bit pagan first of all, and secondly, like a potentially bad idea. Kids telling their parents “The moon told me to do it” when they color the walls or cut their own hair…



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