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August 29, 2013 by rachelcmann

Was there ever any question that I would watch this series from the BBC starring my Doctor David Tennant? Well if there was, shame on you, you should know me better by now 😉

Just go on and smolder then

The series only has 8 episodes and we’re already halfway to the end but at the same time it is so titillating and anxiety producing that I’m glad I’m not being strung along. See, little Danny was murdered in a small town where 11 year-olds don’t typically have enemies. Rogue detective inspector Alec Hayes (Tennant) is trying to escape from his failure of another family of a murdered child by spending some years in Broadchurch when a dead kid shows up on the beach.

Like any small town there are no secrets and simultaneously a thousand secrets. The murder starts to show the cracks in the towns friendly facade and everyone is a suspect. There are plenty of shady characters to cast a suspicious eye towards as well. The weird blonde lady, the dad, the sisters sketchy boyfriend. I don’t want to say too much because SPOILERS!

Suffice it to say that despite this type of show not traditionally being my cup of tea (pun intended) I’m really enjoying it. And the drool that happens while listening to Tennant speak in his native Scottish brogue is a minor side effect.

PS – did I mention Arthur Darvill is in it too? It’s a weird collision in Who-ville.

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